We don’t like jargon or buzzwords, and would like to make your life a lot easier. So we will describe everything you need to know about Business Intelligence in an understandable manner.

What is Business Intelligence?

The term Business Intelligence is a combination of skills, tools and softwares used to form a clear strategy. Within corporations the ability to look at the past, present and future operations is essential. With the right application of BI (Business Intelligence) one company can rise far above its competitors. The skills are necessary to analyse the data gathered from the tools and softwares, this is what Seekbo does daily for our clients. The tools help gather the data and then store it in our software. We make the software accessible to our clients, which allows them to make better decisions for their business. 

Business Data, Insight and Strategy

Usually business intelligence is applied in areas such as Market Research, Customer Service, Customer Profiling, Statistical Analysis, Visit and Lead Ratio and Product Profitability. Seekbo organizes the data in these areas for you to provide insight and strategy. A normal business already collects large amounts of data, but to keep track of all that data it would require many tools and software and a skilled analyst. Using many different databases and softwares makes it very hard to create a clear vision, as a business. That’s why Seekbo offers to take care of your Business Data, and enable you to have all your data structured and readably accessible wherever you want. Reach out here

How do we use Business Data?

One of the most important skills we apply is analyzing, especially when the data becomes larger and larger the ability to see the key-elements is crucial in order to provide the right strategy. 

We look at three types of Data:

  1. Historical Data – All the data collected and owned by a business from its early beginning, and all the corresponding data of the market and competitors.
  2. Current Data – The company’s current state of being, how it’s data is collected and stored and where we can improve the process and operation.
  3. Predictive Data – By closely analyzing the current and historical data we are able to sketch the coming opportunities and challenges.

Big Data Analytics and BI Software

Big Data is commonplace in today’s digital space, especially because we have such vast options of storing our data. We use tools, which you’ll be able to see down below, to analyze the large amounts of data. The tools allow us to see weaknesses and strengths of your business. This will then be presented with help of our BI Software, that you will have access to at any time. You can expect to have many different graphs, tables and data oversights in our reports, which then can be used to help you make better decisions. 

This is the service we offer

01    Business Intelligence Consulting

This is our flagship service for business all around the world, as here we personalize a plan and contract that will use all of our skills and tools to provide you with the best structure, insight and strategy. In order to qualify for this service please request a quote here. Also, it is an option for you to choose a package, consisting of an X amount of hours of our service. 

02    Business Intelligence Audit

An audit is a thorough and full review of your current state of being, which allows us to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide you with the best way forward we provide you with a extensive file full of graphs, tables and other data oversights. This is then followed up by a list of improvements that we suggest you to make. We apply different rates according to the size of your business, if you like to receive a quote please send us a request here.

These are a few of our tools

QlickView Seekbo Excel Seekbo Jira Seekbo Access Seekbo BI Oracle Business Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

We take great care with your data, and store it on one of our servers. Your company will have full access to the allocated part of our servers during the entire project. We always sign a non-disclosure, and always protect your privacy and data to the fullest of our ability. Once the project has been completed we hand over all our results, and let you decide what to do with the collected data. We normally either destroy it or retain it on our secure servers in case of the client’s future needs, so that we don’t have to re-structure and retrieve all the data again.

Yes, if you hire Seekbo as your consultant it will be in your mail box whenever you request it. Be alert for companies that cannot provide you this, as most of the times it means that what they do can’t be shown, because it’s nonexistent, shady, or a scam.

We work in various different ways, and therefore you can tailor the cost of your business the way you like it. But to give you an estimation; we normally provide our clients with monthly invoices of 20 hours work and 20 hours of consulting fees. Which entails a total cost of €4k. 

We recommend a minimum of 5-10% of your total revenue to go to Business Intelligence. This can mean that you hire 1 BI Analyst or contract a firm like Seekbo to do the work for you. In many cases clients come to us because the cost and training it takes to hire someone is much more than our monthly fee.

Yes, we have clients all over the world, and we are able to meet you in your city to discuss what’s best for you. Or many times we will assist you over phone, mail or Skype. Many of our decisions are made by conference calls, or personal consultation sessions.

Closing Arguments

We hope that this has helped you decide or at least better understand Business Intelligence and what Seekbo offers you. We hope to hear from you, so we can make sure your business undergoes the same growth as all our other clients experienced.

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