We don’t like jargon or buzzwords, we would like to make your life a lot easier. So we’ll describe everything you need to know about Content Marketing in an understandable manner.

What is Content Marketing?

Consumers have managed to skip and ignore the traditional way of advertising. They either purchased DVRs or watch their news and series straight from the internet, without advertisement as we used to know it of course. And that’s the reason why we nowadays are speaking of Content Marketing. Which is a marketing technique for creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a defined audience with the goal of driving profit through the site. The ultimate way to reach audience that is actually interested in what you offer, done through segmentation – other than what the traditional TV ad performed. We consider it as one of the most valuable factors, valuable is also the word that is most important in the definition of Content Marketing

How Content Marketing build your business?

Before getting deeper in on this we need to discuss the different stages in a buying circle.

  1. Creating Awareness – of a product or service offered by your company.
  2. Research – of the need that was made aware by step 1 above.
  3. Consideration – of the information found in step 2.
  4. Purchase – the act of buying the product or service after checking off the above steps.

Content Marketing makes people aware of needs, provides solutions and when done correctly is considered valid and will trigger the eventual purchase of a product or service. What I mean with “when done correctly” is the not following: A shady article about the benefits of protein shakes can’t be considered “done correctly”.  “Done correctly” means that you provide value to the reader, not thinking about the sale but about what it will mean for the reader. And by the time the visitors reach out to you, they are aware of their need and solution you offer, considered it and are ready to work together or buy your product.

Which types of content do we use?

There are more than 50 types of content you can use to correctly advertise your content and reach your audience. But we normally make use of a few which have proven to be most successful. Here they are:

  • Webpages (including articles, posts, and other textual forms of online content)
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Images & Infographics

The Number 1 secret to successful Content Marketing

Seekbo offers many services and we are a diverse company with a lot of expertise in different fields. Because we have our expert SEO consultants we can apply the knowledge to our other fields of expertise. That’s why we know that creating valuable content with a top-notch User Interface and friendliness is the secret to success. When you read through Google’s guidelines for example, you can’t help noticing the focus on content.  We have had great success because people love to read what we write and therefore link to us, or recommend us, or buy and hire from us. This all because of good use of content. Don’t wait any longer, contact us here.

This is the service we offer

01    Content Marketing Consulting

This is our flagship service, and we offer it as one of the most. Especially to clients who are still a bit new with the digital space or to those who are new to effectively using the powers of content. Our consultant will sit down with you, and go over the process described here. After the discovery meeting our consultant will know better how to calculate the project duration and fee. Normally we ask for an hourly fee combined with long term packages. We include SEO knowledge in this service. 

02    SEO Copywriting & Translation

We have 6 very talented writers in our firm who have been trained by our own SEO consultants to optimize their texts as much as they can. Our service is for the client that needs some expertise on writing the correct content for their sites in order to rank for certain keywords. The fee of this service is calculated per word, and so for copywriting we charge normally 0.10 cents per word and for translation 0.8 cents per word. If you’d like to get more information, please write an email to this mail address.

These are a few of our tools

Seekbo Consultancy Seekbo Content Marketing Seekbo Video marketing Seekbo SEO Copywriting Seekbo Content

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect great results as long as you sign up with us, we provide you daily reports on results. Other experiences we’ve had with our clients is that after a campaign their traffic increased, leads went up and rankings improved. All features that you expect after the correct use of content marketing.

From the moment the discovery meeting is over, we take up to 3 days to discuss and brainstorm your project. After that we normally deliver within 5 business days. From that moment it is up to you or us to upload the content and immediately measure the results generated from our effort.

Yes, if you hire Seekbo as your consultant it will be in your mail box whenever you request it. Be alert for companies that cannot provide you this, as most of the times it means that what they do can’t be shown, because it’s nonexistent, shady, or a scam.

When it comes down to SEO Copywriting and Translation we charge per word a straight fee. Copywriting is 0.10 cents per word and translation is 0.08 cents. But when it comes to our Consulting Service we have different fees, and most of the time we end up charging a package price, which is part of a larger amount of hours stretched over more than 1 month. Find out more about prices by contacting us here.

Yes, we have clients all over the world, and we are able to meet you in your city to discuss what’s best for you. Or many times we will assist you over phone, mail or Skype. Many of our decisions are made by conference calls, or personal consultation sessions.

Closing Arguments

We hope that this has helped you decide or at least better understand Content Marketing and what Seekbo offers you. We hope to hear from you, so we can make sure your business undergoes the same growth as all our other clients experienced.

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