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A satisfied client is the best business strategy of all

We help companies in all languages and are specialized in strategy and growth development.
Seekbo is yet a relative young company, and that’s why we can bring many innovative and
creative ideas to your business. We are located in Amsterdam, Milano and Malta.
Working with one of the highest competitive fields in the industry for years has given us
the experience that you need to build up your company.

Our History

Seekbo was founded on the Island
of Malta in 2015. Since then it has
opened multiple offices around
Europe, and done business in
more than 8 different countries. 

Our Values

No jargon allowed, focus
on craftsmanship, people
over profits, work harder,
do more and be honest
not perfect.

Our Mission

Seekbo’s mission is to be
the most honest, effective
and insightful consultancy
firm out there & working to
excel our clients’ business.

Our Vision

Is to make sure Seekbo becomes
a well-known name in many
industries. And to keep investing
in other projects and companies
with innovative ideas.

More about the CEO


Ruben Gräve

As husband and entrepreneur Ruben has incredible passion to always inspire and achieve. He showed incredible talent and started out on a very young age with content and web development. But there was always a desire to work with international people on very interesting projects. Luckily he knew how to realize this, and so Seekbo was founded. For Ruben there isn’t a thing that can’t be done, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved. Just 2 things are necessary; time and creativity. Sailing would be the sport that he loves the most. Get in touch by writing him an email here or visit his Instagram page here

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