We don’t like jargon or buzzwords, and would like to make your life a lot easier. So we will describe everything you need to know about Development & Design in an understandable manner.

What is the difference between Development and Design?

It is important to know the difference between the two terms: “Web Development” and “Web Design“, as in many cases you will find that they are being used interchangeably. Although in our firm there is no developer that doesn’t take design into account and vice versa. Because both have to work hand in hand to make sure the site lives up to our client’s expectations. So what does the web-developer?  The (web) development of a project is directly involved with the back-end of the site, i.e. the more technical part of a site. We make sure that the site works the way the designer intended, and we focus on how the customer can get things done as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Whereas web design plays a bigger role on the front-end of the site, where the customer’s experience comes into account. Our designers are concerned about how the site looks and how the customer interacts with it. Colors, shapes, icons and logos are all very important in order to create a great designed website. We look at the intention of the client and his site and based on that we create the best design possible.

Where do you pay attention to regarding Development?

During our first discovery meeting we go over the project and establish what needs to be done for our clients, more about this process you can find here. After we have decided the focus of your project we divide the total workload among the necessary departments. When we look at development we normally pay attention to:

  • The security of the site
  • The code and the design of the code
  • The functionalities
  • The server, host and database
  • Speed of the site
  • Integration with SEO and Design Dep.
  • Optimization of files

And where do you pay attention to regarding Design?

After the discovery meeting’s process we immediately enable our designers to brainstorm and come up with suitable designs for the project. It can be that we have to redo the logo, site, or app. Our designers then start on your project and will pay attention to:

  • Aesthetics
  • Brand and Identity
  • User-friendliness
  • Colors, Shapes, Icons
  • Sizes, Distances and Proportions
  • User’s Interaction
  • Navigation and Goal Completion

Application Development

Application software development and design is a set of processes that we perform for our clients in order to produce an application for small mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The roots of the processes are similar to web development, however there is one key difference. When we write software for mobile devices it has to be done precisely for the operating system it is intended for. So we write your app specially for IOS and if it is desired to have the app run on Android we write the same app but then for Android, and unfortunately the code written for one operating system cannot be used for the other. Please contact us here to request a quote for your application.

This is the service we offer

01    Website Development

We offer Wordpress, Silver Stripe or Shopify development, these are also the platforms that you will be able to manage your site. We recommend these three to our clients, the difference is that one is better for company websites and the other is better for online stores, for example. Our fee changes per platform, this is because development in Silver Stripe requires higher skills and more time compared to development in Shopify. Reach out for more info here.

03    Website Design

Our design packages are based on the scope of the project and execution. You might need a simpler redesign of your already existing site which will cost significantly less than a full design from scratch. That’s why we always sit down for discovery and come up with the best plan to tackle your needs. If you like to know more about our service please send us an email here.

02    Application Development

Our Application Development service includes the design and testing of the app. It is one of the most interesting development services we run, with more demand coming in every month. Your site, business or idea deserves a proper application that’s why we will take care of your needs. Especially in the current market where more than 60% happens on mobile devices you need to be there. If you like to get more information please send us an email here.

04    Logo Design

When designing a site we always look very closely to the brand and its identity, as it’s one of the most important factors of a site and business. That’s why after having used other companies we decided to hire our own logo designer. Since then we have designed great logos and uplifted brand awareness for our clients. Our service is based per hour, let us know if you’re interested.

These are a few of our tools

Seekbo IOS Development Seekbo Windows Development Seekbo Website Development Seekbo Android Development MySql Seekbo Development
Seekbo Development Service Seekbo Design Service Seekbo Application Development Seekbo Web Design Website Development

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our services take X amount to be ready, but then it doesn’t stop entirely. It normally entails more work such as maintenance, testing and improving. But here you have a overview of estimations:

  • A generic project with a new design will normally take up to 4 weeks to be delivered.
  • A logo will normally take up to 2 weeks to be completed.
  • An application development can take up to 6 months, depending on how complex the app is.
  • A generic website development can take up to 3 months.

Yes, if you hire Seekbo as your consultant it will be in your mail box whenever you request it. Be alert for companies that cannot provide you this, as most of the times it means that what they do can’t be shown, because it’s nonexistent, shady, or a scam.

We work in various different ways, and therefore you can tailor the cost of your business the way you like it. But to give you an estimation; we normally provide our clients with a project proposal that covers the design, development, testing and delivery process. For a normal company website it most of the times lies between 400 and 1000 Euro. And for an online store the cost is between 600 and 1500 Euro. 

The benefit is tremendous, because a site or application normally has to fulfill a specific intention of the owner. Like guide people to a contact form, or generate leads, or drive sales. With this in mind the visitor needs to be easily directed or guided to the end goal. This process needs to be done without any interruption or distraction, that’s why our service is so crucial to the success of your site. Of course to get the visitors in the first place you need to have a traffic source, or have great ranking. We also take care of SEO, if interested please have a look here.

Yes, we have clients all over the world, and we are able to meet you in your city to discuss what’s best for you. Or many times we will assist you over phone, mail or Skype. Many of our decisions are made by conference calls, or personal consultation sessions.

Closing Arguments

We hope that this has helped you decide or at least better understand Web Development, Web Design, Application Development and what Seekbo offers you. We hope to hear from you, so we can make sure your business undergoes the same growth as all our other clients experienced.

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