Seekbo Rise Snapchat

We all know Snapchat nowadays, who can get around it?

But did you also know the exponential growth Snapchat has experienced? Founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown – not to forget to mention. The reason for the growth is mainly because the younger folks* love it, it’s their newest and funniest social media. 26% of its users are aged between 12 and 24 years old, which is amazing because it keeps the platform young and original. But at the same time concerning, as the news and ads that are shown sometimes are not meant for kids below 18 years.

How Brands make use of Snapchat?

It’s not only the people that are making great use of the app but also many companies are starting to actively advertise on this platform. Everyday big brands like Buzzfeed, CNN, and MTV stream news, or other interesting posts through Snapchat. In a new and original way with partly video and partly text posts, making it very light and consumable. Looking at different marketers, we see that brands such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell and iHeartRadio have successfully executed Snapchat campaigns. But it only works when brands are willing to be casual and create specialized content just for Snapchat. And with these requirements there is still not many marketers who have been very successful. There is an open market in my eyes!

And this open market is growing, Bloomberg News estimated around 150m people who use Snapchat everyday.

So it can be quickly said that Snapchat is on the rise, and it has risen fast enough to say that it isn’t the smallest social media platform out there anymore. Look at Twitters 139m monthly users.

Consider this

Since the beginning of Facebook the online advertising space has significantly changed. Ever since companies have invested in social media ads and therefore gained many new customers. The future will hold more direct advertisements, that hit the user in real time when they are about to do something or when they are somewhere close to a company that is advertising their brand. So think about more ads as location and facial filters on Snapchat, but also think about virtual reality advertisements that will hit you if you use one of the glasses or goggles. This will happen to you when you walk the streets of New York with your glasses on, and when passing McDonalds you’ll get a hamburger smacked to your head with a price tag showing the discount rate.. Image..

* I am 23 years old, can’t say much about age. 

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