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The backbone of a successful site is: Web Development

HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, writings in code, content management systems and W3C. Welcome to the skeleton of the website. People typically view subjects such as web development as a weird maze  in which only certified computer nerds can find their way. However, in a world in which a company’s website is the most important key to a good business, you might want to take a step back and find out what web development really is all about! The Seekbo team will guide you.

What is Web Development

So, what is web development, then? Well, web development basically deals with everything that is needed to realize a website. This can be building a website and programming scripts, but it can also be the maintenance of the servers. Web developers work closely with web designers (see our earlier article). The customer tells the web designer how he or she would like the website to look. Together with the web designer they decide on a certain lay-out of the site. This design functions as a visual concept for the actual site that is to be created by the web developer. This visual concept is also known as a ‘mock-up’, of which you can see an example below, for YouTube.


Web development youtube

Making the actual site

The mock-up is done, so the web-developers get to work. From this point forward, you can divide the web-developers roughly into two categories: the front-end & back-end. The front-end web developer will help you to transform the original mock-up into a functional site. For this, he makes use of code such as HTML or CSS, and pretty much translates all the visual design into a code script that he or she than proceeds to type up, and in the end will magically appear as a functional website. You can see what a script for a given website looks like by going to that specific site, right click, and then choose the ‘inspect’ option (or Ctrl+shift+I).  What you’re looking at now would be the blueprint of the website, so to speak. In the image below you can see what the script looks like for Google.


The type of script that a web developer uses depends on the platform from which he works. The web developer also has to comply to certain rules, such as the W3C web standards.

But there is more to web development than just the visual outlook of the website. The other part of web development is not visible to the visitor of the website, but is very important nonetheless. This part is called the back-end. The back-end web developer makes sure that the system is up and running, and that every function works as intended. He works with the technical aspect of the so-called ‘content management systems’ for example. These systems allow people to create their own website without much knowledge of codes, and entire sites can be created without using even a word in script. WordPress is a typical example of such a system, where customers can choose from different types of website lay-outs.

So why is web development so important again?

Alright, so now that you understand what web design actually is we will (for those who’ve missed) explain why web development means the difference between a successful business and a bankruptcy. First off, let’s see what people who run their own company think:

web design seekbo

These results come from a survey to which 1500 businesses responded. 80 percent agrees that is an important factor to some degree of which 49 percent says that it’s very important. Most of today’s revenue, deals and connections (B2B as well as customer) are made online. That means that the website you have is your company’s front door and your business card. The web developers make sure that your front door functions well (no bugs or dead links, for example) and that the search engines can find it properly. In other words: they make your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, so people can find your front door when they need it. In the infographic below you can find some more services that web development can provide for your website.

Services Seekbo

Still not convinced? Contact us to explain what more web development can do for you. We are happy to help you make your website strong and attractive.