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Is DuckDuckGo the new Yahoo?

Not very long ago DuckDuckGo announced that it will be the preferred search engine of Tor. For those who are not familiar with Tor, a short explanation will do.

Tor is the browser of those who are interested to stay anonymous. It’s been used by hackers, young boys, private obsessed people and unfortunately also a lot of criminals.

What you can expect is complete privacy, without any tracking of your history. Which in my opinion can be useful, especially at this moment that I am trying to book my flight from LA to NYC, and only notice prices go up because I look too much.

What I see that Yahoo has done so far, is implementing its “make yahoo your standard search engine” function in everything that they could possibly buy or pay for. Also if you download other software many times you need to look closely at the checked boxes if you don’t all of a sudden get yahoo apps, news, homepage and search engine added to your browser settings. Highly annoying if you ask me, especially because Yahoo is at one of its worst periods in history. So to see this tactic makes me pitiful of them. They could do better. Therefore I hope that DuckDuckGo is not going to make those same mistakes, and will not implement their search engine preference to more apps, software and browsers.

Why did this happen?

Previously Tor of course used other search engines, it actually used Disconnect. Which is a privacy tool that enables you to access the search results of Google. But there is an issue, that causes Disconnect to no longer be able to access Google’s search results. Disconnect can still access other search engine’s results, for example Bing’s. However, Tor deemed Bing’s results “unacceptable quality-wise” in one of its blog posts. And that’s the reason why Tor chose to use the service of DuckDuckGo over any other one.

And further..

Disconnect’s statement was that Google is not actively blocking their access to the results. However they say it’s because Google is deprecating it’s search APIs. Since many users of Tor prefer Google’s results, Disconnect promises to solve this quickly. Until then, Tor users have the option to choose between Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. The latter being the pre-set favorite.
Of course you can still browse to but that in fact goes against the reasons why you should use Tor. So it’s up to you. Surf away, private or not.