Webdesign, the way to show what you stand for

When you have your business ready and know what message you want to convey to the public, you need your website to be ready to rock and to express what you stand for. This means that the design of your website needs to match your service or product. Website design is all about creating and planning this out in the right way. Read about it in this Seekbo article.


What is web design?

So it’s about creating and planning your site, but what does that mean exactly? It means that as a company you need to think about the way your site is supposed to look in terms of navigation, lay-out, colors, types of fonts, video’s, images… basically everything esthetic.  The way the visitors view your website is of course very important for the way they view you as a company or brand. Web designers can think with you, and help you create the best website possible.

what's webdesign?

Through scripting with for example php, asp or dynamic scripting with java and ajax website builders can develop a site that matches the wishes of the company. This is the technical aspect of webdesign to code your site in such a way that it looks as intended by the designers.


The Different Aspects of Web Design: Zooming in

Let’s zoom in on those different components of web design for a little bit. When it comes to web design you can view the experience of a website in different ways. For example, the way the site looks visually or the way that the user experiences the site. If a beautiful site is hard to navigate through or lacks compatibility, it will effect customer behavior because of the flaws in the design of the website. So when you need a website designed you could start by looking at the following components: visual aspects and user-friendliness.

webdesign layout

Visual aspect: This of course includes the lay-out of the website. In what way are the images, videos and texts arranged? Is this done in a consistent way? Can I find what I’m looking for? It also includes the fonts: can the web browsers read the selected fonts? Do they match the content? Are they displayed in the right size? However, the actual content is also part of the web design. In what language is the site available, for example. Is the content written in a clear manner? Is the content optimized in terms of SEO? Do we use high-lights or quotes? Other things such as graphics and colors are key to the way visitors experience the website, and ultimately judge your company which leads them closer to the actual purchase or contact.

user friendliness

User friendliness: so then the second aspect of the web design would be the user friendliness of your website. In this component, topics as navigation come into play. Navigation is of vital importance to make sure that the user can find what he is looking for. Tools such as search engines, drop down menu’s and links help to facilitate this process. Interactivity can help to stimulate and bond with the users through the form of comment boxes, forums, polls, live-chat etcetera. Interactivity can make sure that the user feels validated and appreciated. Multimedia also falls under the category of user-friendliness, because in the end the purpose of multimedia is to inform, activate or amuse the user of the site regarding a certain message and to develop a certain understanding of the information presented.


Web design can make or break a site

By now you got a basic idea of what web design is and what it can do, however, there is much more to it, and not only in terms of definition and other aspects of webdesign. Take a look at these statistics, for example:

webdesign statistics

These percentages make it very clear how crucial a good design of website is in the eyes of the user and potential customer. The credibility and branding of a company largely depend on the web-design. A good design will lead to more profitable customer behavior. The next statistic emphasizes this point:

webdesign colors

Our web designers know these statistics and have the skills to provide you with the best website to enhance the amount and general experience of users on your site. So don’t be afraid to ask for help with a grateful task such as web design, and make sure the user views you the way that you want be viewed.

Image credite: launchpresso